Batter & Board is designed for the doer. The want to be baker or home decorator. You love to try new things and are a DIY-er at heart, but you need a little help getting started.

Welcome to Batter & Board. We put the design behind DIY.

Shannon Daggett has always been a doer ever since she could walk. She has always had a need to create, whether it was playing make believe or planning the next recipe for her second grade cooking club. A doll house was never good enough as-is; she would scavenge for scraps of wallpaper and carpet from her parents' workrooms to redecorate it to her liking. 
Shannon received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the University of Minnesota. Upon purchasing her first condo in Evanston, Illinois, she quickly went to work specifying materials and rendering the space in 3D. After much work on the condo, she purchased a house in Highland Park; more space to play with!
Known for her buttercream, Shannon has created cakes and cupcakes for friends over the years. While regularly asked, "When are you going to open a bakery?," Shannon opened Batter & Board so that she could share her passions and knowledge of baking, interiors, and DIY projects with others. As a painting in her house reads, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." (Pablo Picasso)